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Los Angeles Activists
Heat Up Against Chicken Kaporos

Protest Demonstrations, LA Rabbi on Video, Jewish Journal of Los Angeles

Atonement chickens — swung and tossed, Jewish Journal of Los Angeles
by Edmon J. Rodman, September 3, 2013

In late September 2012 in Los Angeles, nearly 20,000 pounds of chicken believed to have been used in kaparot were trashed.

[Excerpt] Beyond issues of disposal, the practice of kaparot has been getting increased scrutiny nationally from an organization called the Alliance to End Chickens as Kaporos. According to Karen Davis, the alliance’s leader and spokeswoman, the organization is not against the idea of kaparot, but supports replacing the live chickens with coins. The alliance organizes a protest each year in Brooklyn, and Davis said she has observed dead and dying chickens being thrown into dumpsters afterward. Davis, who has a doctorate and has written on the “Social Life of Chickens,” cited published research from the University of California as well as her own work with chickens in estimating that the chickens used on the West Coast — former egg-laying hens—probably weigh about 4 pounds each, and given the city’s pickup of nearly 20,000 pounds of chickens, that would mean almost 5,000 chickens were used here.

End the Killing of Chickens For Kapparot - September, 8, 2013 in Los Angeles, CA

12 Noon - COMPASSIONATE KAPPAROT CEREMONY at 8687 Pico Blvd (cross street is Shenandoah St.). This Faith Action For Animals will be presided over by Rabbi Eliyahu Fink and Rabbi Jonathan Klein using money instead of chickens. The location is across the street from the spot where the killing of chickens will be taking place all week. We will do this to show that more and more rabbis condemn killing chickens for kapparot, as it goes against tradition in Jewish teachings regarding compassion for animals. Possible chickens rescues.

Video: Rabbi Yonah Bookstein, an Orthodox Rabbi in Los Angeles, pleads with the Jewish community to stop using chickens for the kapparot ritual.

Mayim Bialik Advocates for Animals this Yom Kippur
VegNews Daily | September 5, 2013.

Chicken Kaporos Demos in Brooklyn: Please Join Us!
Tuesday-Thursday, September 10-12.


The Alliance to End Chickens as Kaporos is a project of United Poultry Concerns comprising an association of groups and individuals who seek to replace the use of chickens in Kaporos rituals with money or other non-animal symbols of atonement.

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