15 October 2017

Justice For Kaporos Chickens — Please Donate!

Rose, the Kaporos chicken with her eyes closed and being held in someone's arms
Rose, a loving Kaporos chicken who was saved

Dear Friends,

As most of you know, United Poultry Concerns is waging a vigorous campaign through our Alliance to End Chickens as Kaporos project to compel the New York City Police Department, the Health Department and related public agencies to enforce the 15 laws that are broken each year by practitioners of the cruel and illegally-performed ritual known as “Kaporos,” which translates as “atonement” or “compensation.”

In this gratuitously violent ritual, certain ultra-orthodox communities in New York and elsewhere starve tens of thousands of baby chickens in transport crates for days leading up to the ritual, which consists of swinging them painfully by their fragile wings, chanting meanwhile as they torture them that they are transferring their personal sins and punishment onto the chickens, whom they then slaughter in a bloodbath in the streets in front of their children. They indifferently throw bleeding, crying, struggling chickens into plastic trash bags along with the dead chickens for the garbage trucks to haul to the landfill.

Our lawsuit to compel New York City and State agencies to enforce the law instead of aiding and abetting the lawbreakers is now pending in New York State's highest court, and the 300 lucky birds rescued this year by our tireless, dedicated activists are receiving specialized sanctuary and veterinary care. We need YOU to help us continue our campaign on behalf of these birds.

We have received a generous pledge for a matching donation of $25,000 to assist with our unprecedented lawsuit and with the veterinary care required for the chickens whom we rescued this year, starving, dehydrated, injured and terrified.

Please see the story of Rose, a loving Kaporos chicken who was spared by a young orthodox girl in an act of great courage, along with updates about this year's rescued chickens and the progress of our lawsuit by visiting and supporting our “Justice for all Roses” campaign.

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Thank you for helping us help these chickens.
Your compassion and care mean everything to them.