17 August 2020


Unparalleled Suffering has produced a spectacular new documentary compilation with a script that vividly explains the ritual of Kaporos including its history and meanings. The images span 2016-2019 in New York City. The Public Health Hazard excerpt below appears on Unparalleled Suffering’s Education Page. Attorney Nora Constance Marino has filed a New Motion in the Kaporos Case arguing that the novel coronavirus pandemic presents new evidence that the event poses significant health threats that can’t be ignored.

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Video: "This Is Kaporos"

Kaporos Education Page

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Public Health Hazard

At Kaporos locations all over the city there will be remnants of dead bodies, feces, feathers, blood, and intestines littered all over the streets and sidewalks. The air is so putrid during and after Kaporos that many participants cover their faces. Local residents have found abandoned trash bags in random areas full of dead bodies and other remains from this torture festival. People working at Kaporos sites have gallons and gallons of blood and feces water that they pour right down the sewer. Some backyard Kaporos sites that are on private property up long driveways and are completely inaccessible to chicken Kaporos opponents will have so much blood coming from the chickens that the blood will trail all the way down the driveway, through the sidewalk, and into the streets. All of this mess from Kaporos sites poses a significant threat to public health. People who had nothing to do with Kaporos can contract respiratory issues and other forms of sickness. Chicken Kaporos even poses a threat to establishing a pandemic. The New York Department of Health is aware that Kaporos practitioners are breaking numerous health code violations and that carrying out this massacre presents a real threat, but they turn a blind eye and do nothing.

“Standing on the streets of Brooklyn several years in a row as the Kaporos ritual was being conducted, I could hardly breathe the air, so dense was it with palpable respiratory contaminants. The Coronavirus attacks the lungs and is particularly dangerous for people suffering from pre-existing lung conditions. Chicken Kaporos exposes local residents of all ages – including participants and uninvolved pedestrians – to pathogens that could easily predispose them to COVID-19 infection. This ritual is unsafe for everyone who breathes the particulate pollution in its toxic atmosphere.”
– Karen Davis, PhD, President, United Poultry Concerns

"It is shocking, in light of the global pandemic that has turned life as we know it upside down, that the City of New York and its agencies have not stepped up to the plate to do their part to proactively prevent any activity that could potentially be a catalyst for another pandemic. We simply can no longer ignore the connection between live animal wet markets and human disease."
– Nora Constance Marino, Alliance To End Chickens As Kaporos Attorney